Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Signs You Weren’t Too Old to Attend Last Night’s Punk Rock Concert

By Kelley Lindberg

I can't get enough of these guys!
The Offspring at The Complex, Salt Lake City 2014

1. You're proud of yourself for standing for 5 hours because it was general admission.

2. You made it home with both shoes. (Not everyone did.)

3. You survived the mosh-pit circle, which you accidentally got shoved into and then had to shove your way back out of.

4. You're about the same age as most of the musicians in the four bands that played. Even younger than a few. Not that you’re counting.

5. You were older than everyone in the audience, but they didn’t care and stilled tried to push you into the mosh pit.

6. You're slightly sore from dancing all night. But you danced, dammit.

7. One of the original, Irish, old-school punk rock musicians on stage was wearing a casual, knit polo shirt. And not ironically.

8. Your worst injury is a bruised toe or two, despite being trampled and slammed all night because you scored a spot up by the stage (and right under the speakers).

9. Only one of your ears is still ringing this morning. Like a fire alarm. On steroids.

10. The teenagers you took with you to the concert still speak to you.

Bad Religion at The Complex,
Salt Lake City 2014
Stiff Little Fingers at The Complex,
Salt Lake City 2014

Pennywise at The Complex,
Salt Lake City 2014