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Kelley has spoken at numerous writing conferences, workshops, writers’ meetings, and school groups, and she loves to leave her audiences with plenty of “take away” information and tips they can use the very next day.

Kelley is willing to travel for speaking engagements and is available to speak on topics such as (but not limited to):
  • Query Letter Workshop – Learn the dos and don’ts of query letters, then take what you’ve learned and tackle each other’s query letters.
  • Great Openings – Your opening sentences lay the groundwork for the entire work. Learn how to grab your reader, establish the mood, and make promises you can keep!
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Workshop – If your settings aren’t doing double duty, they’re not working hard enough. Explore how your settings can establish subtle but critical tone, mood, and atmosphere.
  • Is a Writing or Critique Group in Your Future? – Learn which types of writing groups are for you, as well as how to be a great critiquer.
  • Painless Idea Workshop – Generate new ideas or just get your creative energy flowing again.
  • Conducting Meaty Interviews – First-person interviews are essential for adding meat to both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Landing that SECOND Contract (or, How to Be an Editor’s Pet) – Just a few common sense tactics will ensure your editor asks you back for more.
  • The Writer’s Life – So you want to quit your day job?
  • What Do I Do with My Manuscript? – How to research markets, editors, and agents to find the ones most likely to be interested in your manuscript.
  • Travel Writing – You don’t have to go to exotic places to be a travel writer. Most publishers want you to write about the place you know best: your own community! Learn how to turn your own experience into travel stories that publishers want.
  • Writing a Personal Essay that Doesn’t Reek – especially for middle grade and high school students
  • Who Is Your Audience? (Hint: It’s Not Your Teacher) – especially for middle grade and high school students
  • Panel discussions: Kelley is also happy to participate on panels on a variety of writing topics such as article writing and editing.
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